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Certification Application

Appling Method

  1. Inpatients: Before leaving the hospital, please bring the patient's ID to the ward nursing station's cashier/registration counter.
  2. Outpatients:
    a.If you have an appointment, tell your doctor during your consultation that you need a
       certificate. After paying your bill, please go to the Certificates counter in the Admission
    b.If you don't have an appointment but have been seen by a doctor within the past month, please go directly to
        the Certificates counter in the Admission Center to request the Certificate.

**Note: If you have designated someone else to apply for the certificates for you, that person must bring both your 
               and their ID card and signed authorization from you. Authorization forms are available online or at the 
               Admission Center.

Locations Of Operation

TaipeiMain Campus:Certificates Counter in the Admission Center.
Tamsui Branch:Certificates Counter in the Admission Center.

Service Time

Taipei Branch:08:30-17:00, Monday to Friday; 8:30-13:00, Saturday.
Tamsui Branch:08:00-17:00, Monday to Friday;08:30-12:00, Saturday


  1. Certification of diagnosis: NT.200
  2. Birth Certificate: NT.200
  3. Death Certificate: NT.200

Application for Duplicate Medical Records

Service Time

Monday to Friday – 08:00-16:30
Saturday – 08:00-11:30

Application procedure


Processed Department

Processed Time

Laboratory reports

Taipei Branch:
Admission Center

Tamsui Branch:

Same day

Complete medical record

1.Routine application:
You will be notified by phone within 3 days of the application to come pick up the record.

2.Urgent application:
If you have a clinic appointment, the doctor will note the sections to be copied, and you can pick them up that day at the Admission Center.


  1. A person who is hospitalized may apply to ward personnel who will make a copy of the record at the Medical Records Office (NT 5/page).
  2. If your insurance company requires a copy of the medical record , please provide official documentation from the company and your authorization.


Medical Records may only be released to authorized individuals, which must be demonstrated as follows.

  1. If picking your own records, produce your personal ID.
  2. If someone else is picking them up, they must present either a Power of Attorney document or a 'Medical Record Request Form'and produce
    both their own and the patient's ID and name chops [if any].
  3. Parents or guardians of minor children and relatives of deceased patients must produce their personal ID and proof of relationship.


  1. Routine application: Basic fee: NT$100 for the first 10 pages. Each additional page over 10 pages: NT$5 per page.
  2. Urgent application: NT$100 as administration fee plus NT$5 per page.