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Future Outlook

MacKay Memorial Hospital is a missionary hospital with over a hundred years of history. With Christ's love as its foundation, it is patient-oriented, upholds the principle of spreading the word through treatment, and it has emphasized a holistic approach of medical treatment for the body, mind, and soul as its consistent mission and purpose. We will continue to strive to develop in the following directions, in the Christian belief of loving others as one loves oneself, utilizing technology, and with a spirit of service full of humane concern:

 1. The provision of medical services which meet the needs of the times for critical, serious and difficult to treat illnesses, and complete cancer care, to become the number one hospital in terms of reputation for quality of service.

2. The extensive use of new medical technology and information technology, to raise the quality of medical and administrative efficiency.

3. The promotion of preventative health care, driving community health care, to become the most trusted hospital for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

4. The implementation of holistic care in medical education and research, integrating the nursing resources of MacKay Hospital and Medical College, to become the most reliable benchmark training hospital for doctors and medical personnel.

5. Innovation research and development which drives the development of medical technology, to become a center for biomedical research.

6. Fulfillment of our social responsibilities, complementing health and medical policy, as the medical center with the most resources invested in remote regions.

7. The active participation in international medical events, providing international medical support, to raise the standards of international medical care and promote medical diplomacy and medical evangelism.